OPC Warns Consumers about Questionable Third Party Supplier Telemarketing

Dear Consumer,

The Office of the People’s Counsel recently has received a number of complaints about automated phone calls on behalf of LifeEnergy, LLC, a third party energy supplier licensed to sell energy resources in the District of Columbia.

These calls typically reflect an out-of-state phone number. When answered, a recording plays the following message:

"Hello, this is (Name) calling to follow up about a notice on your Pepco utility account. Please call me back immediately with a recent statement received by mail at 1-202-389-9068.”

Upon calling the number, consumers are then asked for the "residential service number" listed on their bill. The residential service number, which contains personal account information, may be used to enroll consumers into an energy supply contract without their explicit permission.

Consumers are warned that this phone call is NOT from Pepco, but rather a solicitation from a third party energy supplier. Consumers should refrain from giving out personal information over the phone to unfamiliar persons.

Third party energy suppliers must be licensed by the DC Public Service Commission to operate in the District.

OPC has contacted Life Energy, and as a result, the company tells OPC it has: “suspended the third party vendor operating in the District on behalf of LifeEnergy until further notice.”

If you have received this solicitation and have been enrolled in a contract without your permission, please email OPC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (202) 727-3071 to talk with an OPC consumer outreach specialist.

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