Pepco Advises Consumers of "Global Express" payment issues

Consumer Alert

Electric Utility Payments Halted at Global Express Locations, Consumers Advised to Use Other Payment Options

OPC wants DC utility consumers to know that Pepco has alerted the Office that electricity customers will not be able to pay bills at "Global Express" locations due to a security issue with the vendor.

Pepco's website lists about two dozen retail establishments in the District that use Global Express to process payments on electricity bills. Pepco tells OPC that until Global Express resumes accepting payments, customers can use other vendors such as America’s Cash Express, Western Union or Checkfree, as well as make payments directly to Pepco—online, by phone, at a walk-in payment center or through the mail.

Pepco also reports it has identified about 150 customers in the District who have payments in the pipeline and it plans to take measures to prevent adverse impacts. OPC is working through Pepco to ensure that consumers affected by the Global Express security issue are not charged late fees.

Pepco adds that customers who normally use Global Express will receive a phone call to advise them of this change.

Call OPC at 202.727.3071 if you have any concerns about this matter.